Revive the Health of Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums

Restorative dentistry is the focus of our work at The Dental Lounges. Knowing how important your teeth are to the entire health of your mouth, jawbone, and body, we strive to repair and protect your teeth whenever feasible to ensure that you maintain optimal oral and overall health.

From filling cavities to replacing missing teeth, tooth restoration services encompass a wide range of treatments tailored to individual needs. The objective of restorative dentistry is to preserve teeth while also restoring the natural appearance, shape, and feel of natural teeth by:

  • Restoring tooth structure that has been lost via decay or trauma using indirect or direct restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns, or fillings.
  • To repair teeth that have been damaged with dental bonding or fillings treatment.
  • Complete replacement of missing teeth using prosthetic restorations such as implants, bridges, or dentures.

Restorations such as dental fillings, crowns, and other restorative procedures are specifically intended to provide the best possible outcomes for repairing and rebuilding your teeth, as well as for reestablishing your bite function and enhancing the overall look of your smile.

Repair and Rebuild Your Smile

Regardless of the reason for your teeth being damaged or lost, we can help you regain your dental health as well as your attractive smile. By treating the underlying issue, we can lessen the likelihood of you encountering the same dental issues over and over again in the future. Our team of expert dentists and in-house staff are delighted about the prospect of providing exceptional restorative dental treatments including the following:


At The Dental Lounges, we treat patients of various age groups and backgrounds. You don’t have to hide your smile because of problems like cavities, tooth damage, excessive tooth wear, and other issues that might arise. Rest assured, we will restore your smile to a healthy, attractive, and functional condition with personalised restorative dental treatments. For more information on how we can assist you with restorative treatments, please explore our service section.

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Results: Individualised Treatment

Patients seek restorative treatment for a variety of reasons, including dental decay, chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth, discolouration, misaligned teeth, and gaps between their teeth. Your dentist at The Dental Lounges could suggest fillings, crowns and bridges, dental implants or dentures among other alternatives for complete dental restoration solutions.


Results: Restorative Benefits

The health of your teeth and gums can greatly benefit from dental restorations if you’ve had teeth removed or damaged. Dentures and bridges, for example, could very well help you maintain the health of your natural teeth by dispersing the pressure equally throughout the whole biting surface. Regardless of the solution which works best for you, whether it be white fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants, or dentures, we guarantee that the restorations will blend in flawlessly with your natural teeth.


How Do Restorative Treatments Work?

Step 1

Fillings, whether amalgam (metal) or composite (white), are used to heal and stabilise a tooth damaged by cavities and decay.

Step 2

If a tooth has considerable decay and cannot be repaired with fillings, it may be time for dental crowns to preserve it from future harm.

Step 3

Bridges, like crowns, fill a gap left by tooth extraction. It entails combining numerous crowns and bonding them to the adjacent healthy teeth on each side of the space to “bridge” the gap.

Step 4

In the event of chipped or damaged teeth, a bonding procedure will be used. A composite material is formed and then bonded to the remaining tooth.

Step 5

In severe cases, dental implants replace damaged tooth components with inserted prosthetic teeth. These are fastened via a metal post that is screwed into your jawbone.

The Dental Lounges Pricing

Restorative treatment pricing relies on a wide range of factors. The procedure will be less expensive if your tooth is easier to deal with. The Dental Lounges are a one-stop practice for all of your dental needs, and are committed to providing safe and long-lasting results with affordable restoration procedures.

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Dental crowns, bonding, and veneers can all be used to repair a damaged tooth. Bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-coloured composite resin material is applied to the tooth's surface and then shaped to resemble natural enamel.

Unless a tooth is causing severe harm to your oral health, your dentist will suggest that you keep your natural teeth whenever possible for the sake of your dental health and function in the long run. You can extend the life of your natural tooth by repairing it, avoiding the need for more costly and time-consuming procedures.

Yes. The condition of your child's teeth will be evaluated by our dentists to determine whether restorative treatment is necessary and which type of treatment is most appropriate for your child.

A dental bridge is a type of Fixed and nonremovable type of restorative procedure. They are often used to replace one or two lost teeth and are typically secured with crowns to the teeth on each side of the gap. Additionally, implants can be used to secure bridges in place. Bridges are used to improve the appearance, function, and overall oral health of your teeth.

When you lose teeth, you would need a denture to fill in the gaps in your smile. Dentures can replace only a few teeth or the whole arch (complete dentures) and can last for more than a decade if they are properly cared for. During this period, you may need denture relining, rebasing, or repairs to maintain them in excellent working order.