It’s Time to Reclaim the Radiance of Your Smile

Your social life could be negatively impacted if you have poor dental health. Some of the most common symptoms of poor dental hygiene include:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Dry mouth
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth erosion

The above-mentioned indicators of poor dental hygiene can be avoided by establishing a commitment to maintaining good oral hygiene and following through on that commitment.

At The Dental Lounges, our dedicated hygienists are committed to ensuring a comfortable and beneficial visit for all our clients. Offering comprehensive dental hygiene treatment, they conduct patient examinations, provide advice on preventive care, and educate patients on the importance of dental health and hygiene. Each dental hygiene treatment is tailored specifically to meet your individual needs, ensuring you receive personalised care and attention during each visit.


Achieve the Highest Level of Dental Hygiene and Prevention

Your dedicated dental hygienist Wimbledon will be on the lookout for signs of poor oral health during your appointment. We will support you through various treatments and therapies such as:

  • Scale and polish hygiene treatment
  • Bleeding gums & gum disease treatment
  • Orthodontic hygiene treatment (Cleaning braces)
  • Therapies to manage oral diseases
  • Performing oral cancer screening

By scaling and polishing, hardened plaque is removed from your teeth. This improves the appearance of your teeth and helps prevent additional buildup. Part of the hygienist treatment, our Airflow procedure removes stains from teeth softly yet efficiently, resulting in a whiter, brighter smile.

We detect and treat the first stages of gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis and avoid future infection or tooth loss. Our dental hygienist will also educate and advise you on food, brushing, flossing, and lifestyle that might affect your teeth, oral, and overall health.

Here at The Dental Lounges, we not only offer dental hygiene and therapy but also provide an array of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, Invisalign and more, all aimed at achieving a whiter and brighter smile. Visit our Cosmetic Schedule for your hygienist appointment today to  discover the options best suited for your aesthetic needs.

Before & Afters

Results after Scaling

Plaque and calculus deposits are carefully removed from your teeth using specialised equipment. The vibrations produced by the ultrasonic scaler help to remove tartar that has formed on the teeth and in the spaces between them. Debris is also removed with the help of a water spray. A high-pitched buzzing noise could be heard from the scaler during the scaling operation.


Results after Polishing

After scaling, polishing is frequently done to eliminate stains and make your teeth feel glossy and smooth. A spinning rubber cup is used to polish the surface. It’s a unique toothpaste-like substance that’s scooped into a cup and then spun on the teeth to promote dental hygiene.


How Does Teeth Cleaning Work?

Step 1

During the dental hygienist appointment, your teeth are checked for decay and weak places in the enamel.

Step 2

Plaque and tartar are removed from the surface of your teeth during a procedure known as scaling and root planing.

Step 3

After that, your teeth are cleaned and polished to eliminate any remaining stains, and finally, a fluoride varnish is applied to keep them fresh.

Step 4

Fluoride varnish is applied to provide long-term protection for your teeth against additional damage and decay.

Step 5

Our dental hygienist will also assist you in improving your oral health by teaching you the most effective methods to care for your teeth between appointments.

The Dental Lounges Pricing

Dental hygienist cost varies widely which depends on the kind of cleaning, the patient’s age and whether or not you have any dental plans. However, teeth cleaning prices at The Dental Lounges are significantly less expensive, enabling us to guarantee both safety and long-lasting results.

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Why Choose
The Dental Lounges?

  • We’re open 6 days a week with flexible opening hours.
  • We have a highly skilled – patient focused team.
  • Free internet access.
  • An ultra-modern interior with your comfort in mind.
  • Sit back and enjoy a relaxed environment.
  • Late evening appointments for those with busy working schedules.
  • State-of-the-art facilities to ensure the highest level of dental care.


A pain-free environment is our primary goal at The Dental Lounges. Our Dental Hygienist Wimbledon takes measures to ensure that you feel at ease throughout your appointment. Every patient has access to topical or local anaesthesia, as well as other types of medication for a pain-free experience.

It is possible that you have halitosis or bad breath. The germs in your mouth and between your teeth multiply when you don't brush and floss frequently. Sulphur chemicals produced by these bacteria are responsible for the unpleasant odour.

The typical scale and polish or hygiene session will consist of a thorough examination of your gums, an oral cancer screening, and a discussion of your particular home care plan. In addition, we scale and clean away the plaque, tartar, and calculus in the mouth, as well as remove any stains that may have formed. After that, the teeth are cleaned and polished.

The primary distinction between a dental hygienist and a dentist is that a dental hygienist specialises in scaling, cleaning, and polishing teeth, while a dentist has a wider range of abilities necessary for treating and restoring teeth and gums. Dentists and dental hygienists are both licensed dental practitioners.

Regular dental checkups allow dentists to detect and treat cavities and other oral health concerns before they get out of hand, making them simpler to correct. If you wait until you have pain in your tooth to visit a dentist, you are more likely to need substantial dental work than if you identify a minor cavity on routine x-rays and get it treated early.