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We’ve partnered with Dental Finance to provide you straightforward and inexpensive payment options for all sorts of dental treatment.

Get an interest-free loan in a matter of minutes

A variety of financing solutions are available, allowing you to get the smile of your dreams at a price that fits your budget.

Following a consultation, you will be given a quote for the treatment necessary. Each patient is treated uniquely, and all quotations are based on the degree of difficulty and duration of treatment. If you choose dental financing, you may discuss your treatment plan with one of our doctors or treatment coordinators, who will work with you to create a customised dental payment plan.

After everything is agreed upon, a simple application form may be completed at any Dental Lounges practice. The application procedure often takes no more than a few minutes, and you will get a response immediately.
Applying for dental financing has never been simpler; it’s a simple way to ensure that the path to a flawless smile doesn’t break the bank.

Certain terms and limitations apply.

Credit choices will be made based on your unique circumstances. To apply, you must be above the age of 18 and have a source of income.

How does it work?

Step – 1

Once you’ve verified the kind of treatment you’re receiving at the office, you’ll be presented with dental financing choices based on the practice you visit.

Step -2

Select a method of payment. You pick the period and payment method that are most convenient for you.

Step – 3

Apply. You then fill out a brief application form, which takes just a few minutes to complete.

What financing alternatives are available for Invisalign?

Ask about Invisalign financing while scheduling your consultation with us. The majority of clinics provide a monthly payment plan of 12/24 months. There are 0% interest-free Invisalign financing options available to fit your financial situation. Your dentist at The Dental Lounges will provide you with a detailed treatment plan, as well as information on follow-up visits, and will keep you informed throughout your road to a beautiful smile.

What are the advantages of financing dental implants?

Interest-free and low-cost financing solutions can be a far more cost-effective alternative to credit cards or bank loans. With a variety of financing options, you can conveniently divide the expense of dental implant treatment. Rates begin at 0% APR* – restrictions and conditions apply, and credit is subject to approval and verification.

Is there any effect on my credit score?

It’s simple to apply and will have no impact on your credit score. Our lenders will ask you a few straightforward but pertinent questions, and your information will always be kept confidential. Finance applications do just soft credit checks, which means that your credit score will be unaffected if your application is denied.

How soon will I discover the answer?

Credit decisions are made instantly in 9 out of 10 cases. If you are authorised, all you need to do is choose the date on which you want your monthly instalments to be collected and you may immediately begin repaying the loan. If you are rejected, you may simply recommend the application to a friend or family member who can apply on your behalf, subject to their status and background checks.

When will I be billed?

Payments are made monthly, and there are no additional costs. Once your dental loan begins, payments are sent on a monthly basis; you may simply adjust your payment date online. Additionally, there will be no additional fees for early repayment or for skipping a payment. You are done as soon as your last payment clears the system.

A good illustration is

A £1,000.00 loan spread over 12 months would cost £83.33 per month at a typical 0% annual percentage rate. The entire credit amount would be

£1,000.00, plus £0.00. (0% p.a.). This equates to a total cost of £1,000.00 for your treatment after twelve months.

If you took out the loan today, you would pay the first £83.37 in advance, followed by 11 monthly instalments of £83.33. For further information, please contact your local clinic or complete the form below, choosing the practice and selecting “Dental Finance” from the “Treatment” dropdown. After receiving your message, a member of our helpful staff will contact you.


Duration Monthly Total
6 Months
£ 327.83£ 1967
10 Months
£ 196.70£ 1967
12 Months
£ 163.92£ 1967
Duration Monthly Total
36 Months
£ 137.97£ 4966.92
48 Months
£ 108.40£ 5203.20
60 Months
£ 90.77£ 5446.20

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