Do you think a missing or damaged tooth is dealing a blow to your confidence? Thanks to revolutionary advancements in dentistry, you can restore your oral function and smile in a day!

Traditionally, patients had to schedule multiple appointments with the dentist for dental implants. The process used to be time-consuming, with the healing process taking up months.

With same day dental implants, you now have the privilege to fix your damaged teeth immediately. This is a fast and efficient way to restore your smile. 

With 31% adults in the UK experiencing tooth decay, same day implants have quickly gained popularity as a restorative measure.

However, it’s imperative to know whether same day implants are ideal for you. Read on to understand what this type of dental implant is, its benefits, drawbacks, and treatment planning process.

What are same day teeth implants?

Also known as immediate load implants, same day teeth implants are a type of dental restoration process where dentists take the imprint and implant the ceramic or porcelain tooth on the same day. This advanced approach significantly reduces the waiting time associated with the traditional process of attaching dental implants. 

How are same day dental implants different from traditional implants?

Same day dental implants have emerged as the most convenient way to restore damaged or missing teeth. Rather than spending several months visiting your dentist, you can get a ceramic or metal crown tooth implanted on the same day.

Traditional tooth implants

  • After getting the affected tooth extracted, you need to wait for 3-4 months. This timeframe is necessary for the socket to heal. 
  • Once the implant is inserted, you need to wait another 3-6 months for osseointegration before the dentist implants the crown.
  • Even after implanting the crown into the implant, the patient needs to wait for around 5 months.

With advancements in dental care, the US has witnessed a 98% success rate of dental implants.

Same day dental implants

With same-day dental implants, you can get your teeth in a day. Once the dentists evaluate your oral health and the missing teeth, they may decide to proceed with same day implants. The implant procedure skips the osseointegration, which ensures that it will be completed on a single visit to the dentist. Thus, the process saves you months of time and suffering.

 Although your doctor may require you to follow up after the surgery, the actual implantation process is completed in a single day.

Same day dental implants

Benefits of same day dental implants

Same day dental implants offer a wide range of benefits. The following advantages have made it an attractive dental restoration option for many patients.

1. Immediate results

The prime benefit associated with same day dental implants Wimbledon is the instant solution. You can restore your tooth and self-esteem in a single visit to the dental practice.

2. Saves time

Fewer visits to your dentist save time, while patients can resume their normal activities sooner with minimal disruptions to their daily routine. Most importantly, patients can start using their new teeth immediately. It enhances their ability to talk and chew significantly.

Patients can use their new teeth immediately, improving their speech and chewing abilities.

3. Preserves the health of jawbone

Since the dental implant is immediately placed, the jawbone preserves its integrity. The process reduces the chances of bone loss, encouraging a natural healing process. 

4. Aesthetically appealing

Dental implants, like ceramic teeth are designed to match the natural appearance of your existing teeth. Since these implants resemble your original teeth, they enhance your confidence and self-esteem.

The drawbacks of same-day dental implants

Even though many individuals consider getting new teeth in a day, considering the drawbacks of same day dental implants is crucial.

  • Since these implants are thinner, the chances of failure are higher compared to traditional implants
  • Implanting the new tooth involves more bone loss
  • Some patients report experiencing higher discomfort after the procedure

 Same-day surgery also takes a higher toll on the body. Your dentist will check your immune system to determine whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for same day dental implants.

The procedure for same day dental implants

Experienced dentists carefully plan same day teeth implants and execute the surgery to ensure success. Have a look at the different stages of the process. 

  • Initial consultation: The initial consultation involves a comprehensive evaluation of the affected teeth. The dentist might recommend X-rays to assess your bone structure and discuss the risk factors with you.
  • Planning the treatment: Based on the initial consultation, your dentist will develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • Placing the implant: This process involves a surgery where the dentist carries out local anaesthesia to carry out the implant. Next, the professional carries out same day dental implants. You can immediately start using the teeth.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to restore your smile and oral function immediately, same day dental implants prove to be a viable solution. Many patients have benefitted from these immediate implants, including aesthetic and functional ones. Like any other dental implant, these crowns and caps deserve special care. Contact your dentist at TDL and check whether they recommend same day dental implants to restore your damaged teeth.