Have you accidentally lost your front teeth? Maybe, you tend to hesitate before you flash your smile. A front tooth loss complicates essential activities like eating and speaking. Further, many individuals end up with low self-esteem or feel embarrassed to smile. A front dental implant can restore your normal oral function and health.

Given that 74% of adults in the UK get at least one tooth extracted,  dental implants continue to gain popularity in the country. Experienced dentists, seasoned in front teeth replacement, can help you with the procedure.

What is a Front Tooth Implant?

A front tooth implant is an advanced dental restoration procedure where experts replace a missing tooth with an artificial one.

When you smile or talk, the front part of your mouth is the most visible part of your body. A missing tooth can deteriorate your looks, besides affecting your ability to speak properly. Thanks to front dental implants, you can regain this confidence.

How is a Front Tooth Implant Different From Other Implants?

Installing a front tooth implant calls for expertise. While other implants may involve support from adjacent teeth, implants on the front teeth stand independently. Dentists anchor the new tooth directly to your jawbone. It serves as a permanent and sturdy base for the prosthetic tooth that seamlessly blends with your natural teeth.

Implants for front teeth generally have a root made of titanium, a brace connecting the post to the replacement tooth, and the crown. This crown, which may be a ceramic tooth or a porcelain tooth, mimics the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

 front tooth implant

The Importance of Restoring Missing Front Teeth

Dentists recommend replacing front teeth with a bridge or denture for several reasons. Besides maintaining proper oral function, a missing front tooth can affect aesthetics. Patients often compare the front tooth implant before and after benefits. Check out why experts advise you to get missing front teeth replaced.

1. Prevent Misalignment

The adjacent teeth in your oral cavity tend to shift if they lack support from the front teeth. Neglecting the problem can lead to misalignment or bite problems. Experienced dentists can even carry out dental implants two front teeth to maintain proper tooth alignment and bridge the gaps.

2. Preserve the Jawbone

A front tooth missing can lead to bone resorption in the jaw, weakening the bone structure. An implant stimulates the jawbone, preserving its density and strength.

3. Improved Speech

Your front teeth are essential to ensuring clear speech. A missing tooth in the front can result in speech impediments. This makes it difficult to pronounce certain words. Restoring the tooth significantly enhances speech clarity, restoring your confidence.

The Front Tooth Removal and Replacement Process

Have a look at the step-by-step removal and replacement process.

  • Initial consultation: At the outset, your dentist will diagnose the damaged teeth, assessthem with 3D imaging or X-rays, and plan the implant placement.
  • The surgical process: Next, your dentist will carry out a local anaesthesia and surgically implant the titanium post into the jawbone just at the site of your missing tooth. This site is then allowed to heal. During this process, the jawbone naturally integrates with the implant. This phase is medically known as osseointegration.
  • Abutment and crown placement: Once the area heals, the dentist will attach an abutment to the post just above the gum line. Lastly, they place a custom-made porcelain crown on the abutment. The colour, shape, and size of this crown exactly match those of your natural teeth.

Front Tooth Replacement Options

Front tooth implants and bridges are two of the most common options for dental restoration. Dentists consider several factors, including the health of the adjacent teeth, the preferences of patients, and their budget, while recommending the right one.

Compared to front bridge teeth, implants are preferred since they aren’t dependent on the adjacent teeth for support. Neither does the dentist need to alter the surrounding teeth, unlike denture for front tooth. Besides, implants are more durable and prevent bone loss.

How to choose the most suitable front tooth replacement options?

Dentists consider several conditions before recommending the right kind of front tooth.

1. Dental health

It’s imperative to consider the health of the adjacent teeth and the jawbone while deciding between bridges and implants. With the surrounding teeth looking healthy, an implant will be a preferred option to avoid damage.

2. Durability

Since implants last longer than bridges, they are the first option for most individuals. In the long run, front tooth implants turn out to be the most cost-effective solution.

3. Functional and aesthetic needs

Both implants and bridges can restore the appearance and function of your teeth. However, you get a more natural-looking solution with dental implants. Consult your cosmetic dentist Wimbledon to get the right kind of implants.

4. Lifestyle and preferences

Those looking for a less invasive option without surgery must go with braces. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution that resembles natural teeth, front dental implants are recommended.

How much does front tooth replacement cost?

The complete procedure for a single front dental implant may cost you anything between £1,500 and £6,000. This value includes the cost of material used in the implant, the crown, supplementary surgeries, and post-surgery care. The cost largely depends on the quality of the material used and the complexity of the process.

Wrapping Up

Restoring a missing front tooth is crucial for both oral health and aesthetic reasons. With a front tooth implant, you can significantly improve the overall quality of your life. Unlike other replacement options like dentures and bridges, implants preserve the health of your jawbone. It offers a stable foundation for the prosthetic tooth.

Consult with an experienced dentist at TDL and convey your specific needs. Replace your broken or missing front tooth for lasting benefits.