Among the variations of methods of tooth repair, all on 6 dental implants are the ideal way to regain your smile. Not only is it one of the advanced tooth replacement methods, but it is also the best one for those with low bone density.

As per stats, around 178 million people in America have at least one tooth missing. Moreover, around 40 million people have all their teeth missing. The leading cause of this is tooth decay.

Hence, if you are one of those people who want to regain their smile along with proper eating and speaking abilities, all on 6 can be a life changer for you. Here is more to it!

Elaborating All on 6 Implants!

Losing multiple teeth can lead to a change in the overall shape and structure of your face. The all on 6 implants can help here.

The all on 6 dental implants consist of six metal implants anchored to the jaw of the patient. A full arch of artificial teeth is installed on it with the help of an abutment.

Procedure For All on 6 Implants!

Just like other types of implants, there are three stages to the all on 6 Implant treatment.

Stage 1 (before the implants)

Before moving on with the procedure, the dentist carefully inspects your mouth via X-rays or CT scans. This is solely done to check the anatomical structure of your mouth.

In the same visit, the dentist will take a detailed impression of the inside of your mouth to design custom implants and prostheses.

Stage 2 (The Surgery Day)

In this visit, you will have surgery on your mouth. Before undertaking the surgical procedure, the dentist will provide you with anaesthesia in the form of IV sedation or local anesthesia or both to make the surgery pain-free and comfortable for you.

With medical equipment, the dentist will drill holes in your jawbone wherever the volume is high and anchor the implants. After this, a temporary set of dentures will be added on top of the implants.

The dentist will also guide you with the instructions you need to follow regarding food choices until the next visit.

Stage 3 (The Permanent Prosthetic Teeth)

After a few months, the dentist will call you to check the progress of your implant. As projected till now, your dental implants would have fused with the bone, forming a stable structure. After this, the dentist will fix the permanent prosthetic teeth to the implants.

These teeth will be ready to use in 24 hours.

Note: For some time, you are required to follow a strict and healthy diet as per the dentist’s recommendations. You also need to ensure healthy oral hygiene practices.

Identifying The Benefits of All on Six Dental Implants

All on six dental implants come with a plethora of benefits. Here are some of the primary ones!


The best thing about all on 6 dental implants is its simplicity. Unlike other procedures like single dental implants, bridge-supported dentures, etc., this one does not require any additional procedures like bone addition or sinus lift.

Immediate Use

All on six dental implant is the only dental procedure perfect for immediate use. After a very short interval of time, the dental implants or prosthetics are ready to take up the loading and deliver the required functionality.

Suits All Bone Types

The primary benefit of all on 6 dental implants is that it is suitable for all types of bones. Whether the bone density is low or high, the all on six dental implant procedure can be easily undertaken.


All on six dental implants are made from Porcelain, acrylic, or metal. Therefore, they provide the exact resemblance of the original teeth. Not only this, but their feel and functionality are also similar to the original teeth.

What Do All on 6 Dental Implants Cost?

The expertise of the surgeon, the brand of dental implants, the treatment requirements, etc., are some of the deciding aspects of the overall all on 6 dental implants cost.

Ideally, the cost of these implants begins at £11,000 in the UK.

Who is Eligible For All on 6 Dental Implants?

There are a number of requirements that determine the ideal candidate for an all on 6 dental implant. Verify the following requirements!

  1. The patient needs to have the required bone density in the neighbouring teeth.
  2. The oral health of the patient has to be good.
  3. The patient’s body should be able to sustain the pain, even if it is minor.
  4. The patient should be dedicated to following a strict diet.


Besides all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants are a great way to restore your oral health. These implants have an added benefit in that they are suitable for those who have low bone density. However, these procedures need to be handled by a dentist with a professional dental practice Wimbledon.